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The Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program

  • BBIP Some of our current PhD students in Psychology, Epidemiology, and Exercise Science more

  • Research Lab Work

    Research Lab Work BBIP allows me to investigate a world wide health problem two waysmore

  • Trainees Traineesmore

  • Conference Presentations Students attend national conferencesmore

  • BBIP Students BBIPmore

  • Feeding the Animals

    Into the Lab Lab rotations are an invaluable part of my educational experiencemore

  • Students Mentors and students working togethermore

  • Adjusting

    Find the Information Concentrations in different areasmore

  • Conference Presentation Poster Presentationmore

  • Lab Bench Work

    Lab Bench Work Lab rotations allowed me to see different types of researchmore

The University of South Carolina offers a special interdisciplinary research training program called the Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program (BBIP). BBIP is supported in part by a National Institutes of Health T32 pre-doctoral research training grant via the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. The program is designed for select students beginning their doctoral studies in Epidemiology, Exercise Science, or Psychology. Prevention and developmental science provide a cross cutting theme for BBIP.