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College of Arts & Sciences
The Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program

Core and Affiliated Faculty


These faculty members are either on the BBIP Executive Committee or serve as BBIP primary mentors.

Cheryl Armstead, Psychology
Michael Beets, Exercise Science
Rose Booze, Psychology
Jim Carson, Exercise Science

Jan Eberth, Epidemiology
Lyndie Forthofer, Epidemiology
Stacey Fritz, Exercise Science

Steven Harrod, Psychology
Bret Kloos, Psychology
Angela Liese, Epidemiology

Jihong Liu, Epidemiology

Charlie Mactutus, Psychology

Suzanne McDermott, Epidemiology

Anwar Merchant, Epidemiology
David Mott, Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience

Russ Pate, Exercise Science
Ron Prinz, Psychology
Jane Roberts, Psychology
Jeff Schatz, Psychology

Susan Steck, Epidemiology

Jill Stewart, Exercise Science

Xuewen Wang, Exercise Science
Mark Weist, Psychology

Delia West, Exercise Science

Sara Wilcox, Exercise Science

Dawn Wilson, Psychology

Nicole Zarrett, Psychology



These faculty members participate in various capacities such as lab hosting, courses, and secondary advising.

Swann Adams, Epidemiology

Mark Davis, Exercise Science

Jim Fadel, Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience

Kate Flory, Psychology

Jun Zhu, Psychology